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We are champion problem-solvers and experts in Survey Research, Advanced Data Analytics, and a wide range of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods.



  • DataViz & Data Culture Muse
  • Data Navigator
  • Strategy Advisor



  • Data Literacy
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Insights Adoption



  • Trust & Teamwork
  • Curiosity & Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility & Creativity

20+ Years of Experience

Dr. Cheryl Harris is a hands-on researcher who has personally conducted over 500 primary research projects. She is an advanced analytics guru, a data coach, and an experienced research manager.  A frequent speaker at research events, a former board member of the California Association for Institutional Research (CAIR), and a research methods professor, she can be reached at


Project Design

What are our objectives, and why?
Are we asking the right questions to learn what we need to know?
What is the plan to reduce error and improve data quality? 


What is this data telling us?
What are the connections to other data and information we have?
How can we apply this to take action?


Ensure the survey is smart, concise, and focused
Avoid respondent fatigue and boost engagement
Optimize data quality

Advanced Analytics

Data visualization and datamining
Tableau Expert
Sentiment Analysis and Scoring
Predictive Modeling 

Qualitative Methods

Focus Groups (Online, on location)
1:1 Depth Interviewing
Affinity Communities
Online Ethnography


Mandated/Regulatory Reporting
Concept Testing
Awareness, Attitude & Usage (AAU)
Tracking Studies … and more


Birgi Martin, Ph.D., Global Head of Consumer Insights, Apple

Cheryl is the go-to person for reliable insight into all aspects of research methods and technologies. She certainly has the ability to clearly see the big picture and always brought fresh ideas to the table when solving problems.

Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer, VideoAmp

Would I hire her again? Well, I did hire her 3 times… and then I went to work with her.


Lets Work Together

Continuous Improvement

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a quality management philosophy that encourages all team members to continuously ask what can be done better. 



Action-oriented insights
Creative, Thoughtful Design
Highest Data Quality Standards
Collaboration and Communication
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